General Information

Vetalytix is sponsored by numerous stakeholders of animal health distribution and manufacturing. This initiative is an open community for all veterinarians and their teams to access at no cost.
Vetalytix does not sell or distribute the products listed in the CVP and COMPAS. For product-specific questions, we recommend contacting the company listed on the label or your veterinarian.


For Veterinary practices, only one Vetalytix account is required per location. You may add as many users as needed to a Vetalytix account.
Here's how:
  1. Login to Vetalytix with your account
  2. Click on 'My account' at the top right corner, then click on 'Manage Practice Users' near the bottom of the account page.
Currently, we recommend setting up a separate Vetalytix account using a different email address for additional clinic locations. Some features in Vetalytix are location specific.
To reset your password, click on “Forgot your password?” on the sign in page and follow the steps.
We take our Vetalytix members’ information seriously and believe that your privacy is of the utmost importance. We do not share any personal identifiable information with any third party. View our privacy policy for additional information.

Compendium of Veterinary Products (CVP)

The login credentials to the CVP app and our Vetalytix platform are linked. Simply use your Vetalytix login and password to access all information.
A login error occurs when you try and bookmark the site and may prompt you to login. For security reasons the bookmark doesn't save the authentication info. You need to return to the Vetalytix site and login.
Go to http://www.vetalytix.com/ca/ and reset your password, by clicking on “Forgot your password?” on the sign in page and follow the steps.
We are continually updating the information in CVP on a daily basis.